Hotel Room Rates

1. All TRENZ hotel room rates include the 12% hotel room tax
2. TRENZ Hotel room rates do not include "Resort Fees". Please review our terms and conditions below for more "Resort Fee" information.

Cancellation Policy

1. The Cancellation Policy will be listed in your reservation confirmation once you have booked your hotel rooms. It’s generally, a 100% refund, if cancelled 7-12 days prior to the check in date. The exact date will be listed in your confirmation.

2. No-shows will be assessed 100% of the total stay amount

3. NO date adjusting. Once hotel rooms are booked, change of reservation date will result in a price increase. Changing the check in or check out date will nulify the quoted room rate.

Hotel Room Reservation Terms & Conditions

1. Late Check-in. If you expect to arrive after 21.00 hours, please contact the hotel and inform them of your arrival time. Some hotels have limited reception services after 21.00 hours. Failing to inform the hotel of a late arrival can result in the space being released. Late check-in Reservations will be held until 7:00am the day after the scheduled arrival.

2. Requests. Specific room types, smoking preferences & bedding types for Double/Twin rooms cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability at the time of check in. It is always guaranteed that the room provided by the hotel will accommodate the number of guests booked.

3. Hotel amenities are not guaranteed and can be modified or substituted at any time and are not guaranteed or implied by TRENZ Las Vegas.

4. Resort Fees & Hotel charges. Additional hotel services and resort fees must be paid to the hotel directly. TRENZ Las Vegas is not responsible for hidden hotel fees and has no control over their implementation. What is a resort fee? A resort fee is a daily mandatory additional charge that the hotel separates from the advertised price. Average daily resort fees at Las Vegas Hotels is $28.95.

5. Early check out. Any early check out is liable to full charges. In the event of an early check out please always obtain an early check out slip from the hotel.

6. All payments are made to TRENZ Las Vegas, not the hotel itself. The charge will appear on your credit card statement as TRENZ Las Vegas.

7. It is the client’s responsibility to verify that all reservation information is correct upon receipt of your confirmation documents.

8. This agreement supersedes any verbal agreement. By signing this agreement the responsible party understands and agrees to these terms and conditions.

Hotel Room Amendment Policy

1. Amendments are always subject to availability, they are not guaranteed. Only extension requests may be granted within 10 days of check-in date.

2. All cancellations and amendments must be made via e-mail, fax or online and must be confirmed by the booking agency, TRENZ Las Vegas.

3. No cancellations or amendments accepted on the day of the arrival.





Show Tickets, Event Tickets, Activity Tickets and Party Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be changed for any reason.

Be sure that all of your party guests have confirmed before booking your party. All of our packages are non-refundable and we do not want you to spend your hard earned money unnecessarily. Once the party is booked there will be NO Refunds.

When you purchase your Show Tickets and Party Packages with TRENZ Las Vegas your credit card will be charged the full amount immediately. The charge will appear on your Credit Card Statement as TRENZ Las Vegas.

The total package price includes all venue sales taxes, live entertainment tax, surcharges, box office fees and service fees.

WHO IS TRENZ LAS VEGAS? It’s important to know WHO we are and WHAT we do.

Who is TRENZ Las Vegas? We are a VIP Travel and Entertainment company that plans Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, Special Events and Tours in the Las Vegas Nevada area. TRENZ Las Vegas arranges show tickets, hotel rooms, transportation, nightclub and pool party services, strip clubs, male revue shows, gentlemens clubs, activities and special event tickets for their customers.

What is the service that TRENZ provides?

1. TRENZ organizes events, parties or weekend travel by educating its customers about different Las Vegas venues, shows, and activities as well as timetables that will strategically allow them to get the most out of their experience.

2. TRENZ Las Vegas then schedules the itinerary by reserving show tickets, special event tickets, activities, tours, hotel rooms and transportation plus all nightclub, pool party, strip club and gentlemens club services.

3. Upon arrival in Las Vegas a TRENZ VIP Host will assist the customer in the execution of the created itinerary.

Now that you understand who we are and the service we provide, please understand…

TRENZ Las Vegas is NOT the Venue, NOT the Show, NOT the Activity, NOT the Tour, NOT the Nightclub, NOT the Strip Club, NOT the Gentlemens Club, NOT the Pool Party, NOT the Hotel, NOT the Casino, NOT the Limousine Company nor the Special Event. TRENZ Las Vegas only organizes and schedules the party, weekend or event and is therefore NOT liable for or responsible for the quality, quantity, customer service, employees, management, owners, drivers, patrons, furniture, table ware, glass ware, food, beverages, structure inside and out, odor, climate, upkeep or maintenance of ANY Show, Hotel, Casino, Nightclub, Pool Party, Strip Club, Gentlemens Club, Special Event or Transportation service. TRENZ is also NOT liable for or responsible for slow wait staff, grumpy bartenders, pot holes, broken heels on shoes, unfavorable weather, food or liquor poisoning, ripped clothing due to strip club lap dances, spilled drinks, weak drinks, drunken encounters, indecent exposure, one night stands, lost luggage, bad dance moves, topless mishaps, general misconduct, arrest, poor fashion choices, bad hair days, loss of virginity, or alien abduction.

Simply put, TRENZ Las Vegas has the knowledge, wisdom and experience to assist its customers in the planning and scheduling of their Las Vegas adventure. TRENZ takes full responsibility for its customer service and stands behind its products and services 100%.

With that said, Any and All customer service issues that take place inside or outside Any and All Venues, Shows, Nightclubs, Pool Parties, Strip Clubs, Gentlemens Clubs, Male Revue Shows, Hotels, Casinos, Special Events, Concerts, Tours and Activities should be presented to on location management immediately. Any and All Transportation issues should be presented to the driver of the vehicle immediately.

TRENZ Las Vegas is NOT responsible for any issues, disputes or disagreements which are related to a specific Venue, Show, Nightclub, Pool Party, Strip Club, Gentlemens Club, Male Revue Show, Hotel, Casino, Special Event, Concert, Tour or Activity.


Show tickets must be picked up by the purchaser.
Show tickets purchased are subject to a per ticket convenience charge.
Name changes are prohibited after purchase.
A government-issued photo ID is required at time of pick-up.

Show Tickets are available for pick up no earlier than the day of your reservation, but must be picked up no later than 30 minutes prior to the show you have selected. Tickets not picked up by this time will be forfeited. Forfeited tickets are non-refundable.

Reserved seating is based on best available seating at time of purchase. Front Row Seating upgrades are prepaid and will be honored at the individual venues.

Show or Activity Cancellations: TRENZ Las Vegas is not responsible for Show or Activity Cancellations. In the event of a Show or Activity Cancellation the customer will be notified by Trenz Las Vegas. At this time TRENZ Las Vegas will attempt to replace the cancelled show or activity with one of similar quality and content. This may result in an increase in your package price. The customer may decide against the new show or activity and will be entitled to a full refund.

Ticket scalping is prohibited. Any person who, without the written permission of the owner operator or manager of the property on which the entertainment or sporting event is to be held, sells a ticket of admission to the entertainment or sporting event at a price in excess of the price that is printed or endorsed upon the ticket is guilty of a misdemeanor.


TRENZ Las Vegas is not responsible for technical, typographical or other errors that result in the display of an incorrect purchase price or ticket availability. In a situation where a purchase is completed based on an incorrect price or incorrect ticket availability, TRENZ Las Vegas is not responsible to fulfill the order. In situations where a purchase is completed based on an incorrect price, the customer will be notified and given the option of making the purchase at the intended and correct price provided ticket inventory is available or be given the option of a full refund on the initial purchase. In situations where a purchase is completed based on incorrect inventory, the customer will be notified and given the option of making the purchase for the same show on an alternative date provided ticket inventory is available, the option of purchasing an alternative show provided ticket inventory is available or be given the option of a full refund on the initial purchase.

Management at individual venues reserves all rights, which may include the right to deny entry into the venue at the owner's or operator's sole discretion.

Although TRENZ Las Vegas and its ticket partners are using their most reasonable effort to provide an Internet reservation system for customers desiring to reserve show tickets participating in our network, you understand that TRENZ Las Vegas and its ticket reservation partners are providing this reservation service "as is" without making any warranties of any kind, including any express warranties and the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, except as required by law. For TRENZ Las Vegas and its ticket reservation partners, the maximum liability for any damages that you may suffer or that may result from your use of the reservation system will not exceed the aggregate booking fee paid for the reservation owing rise to the damages.

In no event will TRENZ Las Vegas, its ticket reservation partners or any of their suppliers be liable for any consequential, incidental or any such damages or for lost profits of any kind, even if apprised of the possibility of any such damages.


Nightclub and Pool Party Guest Lists include free admission. Guest Lists have NO MONETARY value whatsoever. TRENZ Las Vegas does NOT charge their customers for this service. Nightclub and Pool Party Guest Lists are a complimentary service offered by TRENZ Las Vegas. TRENZ Las Vegas has made arrangements with select venues in Las Vegas to provide Free Admission to its female customers. Guest List status includes Free Admission Only. Guest List status does NOT include immediate entry without waiting in line. Restrictions DO apply ie dress code, behavior, intoxication. All Las Vegas Nightclubs reserve the right to REFUSE service. Ultimately entry into select Las Vegas Nightclubs is at the discretion of the Nightclub Staff. TRENZ Las Vegas is NOT responsible for the actions of the Nightclubs, Nightclub Employees and/or Nightclub staff. Being rejected for entry into select Las Vegas Nightclubs is NOT reason for party package refund in full or in part. TRENZ Las Vegas does NOT guarantee entry into select nightclubs. TRENZ Las Vegas guarantees inclusion in select Las Vegas Nightclub and Pool Party Guest Lists ONLY.

If you would like to Guarantee VIP Entry with NO Waiting in line at select Las Vegas Nightclubs and Pool Parties we recommend the purchase of VIP Services. These services are amazing and we would be happy to make the arrangements for you. Ask your Trenz representative for assistance.


The Rules and Regulations listed below apply to all VIP Limousine rental vehicles. Included but not limited to, Stretch Lincoln Town Car, Stretch Lincoln Navigator, Stretch Excursion, Escalade, Denali, Stretch Hummer, Super Stretch F-650 Class, and Party Bus Class.

As a TRENZ Las Vegas Client you agree to the following:

1. Under Age Alcohol Consumption and Drug Use is prohibited by law. Any fines will be paid for by customer. The driver has the right to terminate run without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the clients).
2. NO FOOD is allowed in any of the vehicles. All food must be consumed or thrown away before entering the vehicle.
3. It is Illegal to stand through the sunroof.
4. Smoking is not permitted in any limousine or party bus.
5. Overtime pay will apply after the first 15 minutes of prearranged time described in your Reservation Confirmation.
6. TRENZ is Not responsible for articles left in the limousine.
7. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.
8. A/C is not compatible in temperatures rising above 100 degrees. Drivers will do their best to keep your party cool and comfortable.
9. TRENZ is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time in the present or at a mutually agreed date or later time.
10. DAMAGE TO VEHICLE: TRENZ clients assume financial liability for any damage occurring while in the vehicle. All damages must be paid immediately.
a. Including: Vomiting/Bio-hazard-$500.00 fine Smoking-$100.00 fine
b. Cigarette Burns-$100.00 fine per burn
c. Broken/Missing Rock or Champagne Glass- $5.00 fine per glass
d. Roof Access Plexiglass- $175.00 fine
e. Broken Window Shade- $175.00 fine
f. Broken Chair- $175.00 fine
g. Broken Stereo/Lights/ Flat Screen TV- $500 fine
h. Broken Window- $500 fine

Time Rule: Each Limousine Pick up and Drop off, also referred to Point to Point Transportation, is scheduled for and pre paid for 30 minutes of service, if the party goes over the 30 minutes allotted , the party will be responsible for and pay for the extra charges incurred. This same rule applies to Hourly Limousine rentals. Going beyond your scheduled time period will incur addtional charges. TRENZ Las Vegas is NOT responsible for these charges. Limousine Drivers accept Credit Card payment on location in their vehicles.


TRENZ Las Vegas will utilize the House Transportation Service at select Gentlemens Clubs and Male Strip Clubs to save our customers money. House Transportation Service does NOT guarantee a specific type of vehicle. Vehicle type varies based on Party Size and Availability. House Transportation Service will pick up our customers at all major Las Vegas Hotel and Casinos on the Las Vegas strip. House Transportation Service is NOT available at other locations. The customer must be in the Hotel Casino lobby ready and waiting for the drivers arrival 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. House Transportation Service drivers will wait 10 minutes ONLY. If the customer is NOT ready the driver will depart. If you would like to decline House Transportation Service, TRENZ Las Vegas is more than willing to accommodate this request. When declining House Transportation Service, Private Hire Limousine Service charges will apply to your overall party package price. Ask your TRENZ representative for a price quote. If you miss your House Transportation Service pickup contact your TRENZ VIP Host immediately to resolve this issue. Do not hire a Taxi or alternate form of transportation to the select Gentlemens Club or Male Strip Club, doing so will incur admission charges that are not included in the party package price. The customer will be responsible for the additional admission charges. House Transportation Service is ONE WAY Service. House Transportation Service does not provide transportation upon departure of select Las Vegas Gentlemens Club and Male Strip Clubs. House Transportation Service is not private hire limousine service and therefore may have multiple groups on board. The scheduled House Transportation Service pick up time is not guaranteed. Late arrival of House Transportation is not the responsibility of TRENZ Las Vegas and therefor will not be considered a reason for a refund in part or in full. If the House Transportation Driver is late please notify your TRENZ VIP Host immediately. He or She will assist you with this issue. Liquor is not provided with House Transportation Service although if the customer has a beverage they are more than welcome to bring it in the vehicle with them. Upon arrival the customer will be asked to dispose of said beverage.


TRENZ Las Vegas works diligently to ensure an on-time transportation itinerary for all of its customers. TRENZ will NOT be liable for transportation delays caused by an Act Of God, Public enemies, terrorism, authority of law, quarantine, perils of navigation, riots, strikes, traffic delays, and hazards or dangers incidental to a state of war, accidents, breakdowns, bad road conditions, storms, and other conditions beyond its control. TRENZ Las Vegas guarantees it will do everything in its power to maintain the schedule in the Party Itinerary. If any of the above actions occur and make it, in the sole opinion of TRENZ Las Vegas, inadvisable to operate a vehicle either from the place of origin or any point en route, TRENZ Las Vegas shall not be liable therefore, or be caused to be held for damages for any reason whatsoever.

STRIPPER 101 Pole Dancing Class:

Rules and Regulations of STRIPPER 101: NO LATE ENTRY. You must arrive AT LEAST 45 MINUTES prior to the start of class. Stripper 101 classes are for ladies only ages 18 and older. No minors will be permitted. Thank you for choosing Stripper 101 and don't forget to bring your high heels!

Class Location:
V Theater
3663 Las Vegas Blvd South (Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort)
Las Vegas, NV 89109


Individuals in your group that appear to be drunk or under the influence of a substance will not be granted access to any nightclub, pool party or strip club in Las Vegas. TRENZ is not responsible for guests in your group not being granted access to nightclubs, pool parties and / or strip clubs. TRENZ Las Vegas reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is under the influence of a substance and / or acting disorderly or violently towards their TRENZ VIP Host and / or others around them. Have fun but please be respectful of your TRENZ VIP Host and others around you.


Valid Photo IDs are REQUIRED to enter all Las Vegas venues. Party guests will be denied entry if they do not have a Valid Photo ID or if their Photo ID is not acceptable. TRENZ Las Vegas is not responsible for party guests who do not follow this rule. Please remind all party guests to bring their valid photo IDs.


For the best results Dress to Impress. Las Vegas nightclubs and Strip Clubs have a strict dress code: NO SNEAKERS, FLIP FLOPS, T-SHIRTS, HATS, POLO SHIRTS, OR RIPPED JEANS. Fashion Hint for guys, designer jeans and nice buttoned up shirts are acceptable. TRENZ Las Vegas is not responsible for anyone turned away for not following dress code.

What is a TRENZ VIP Party Host?

All VIP party packages include a TRENZ VIP Party Host. This person is employed by TRENZ Las Vegas and their sole objective is the seamless execution of your groups itinerary. This person will be in touch with your Limousine Drivers, Nightclub and Strip Club Door Hosts, Box Office personnel and Daytime Activity Managers. TRENZ VIP Party Hosts are available to answer all of your questions as they walk your group through their Las Vegas party experience. Please note, TRENZ VIP Party Hosts will be assisting several parties on any given day or night of the week. There are occasions when your VIP Party Host will be working with several groups at one time in the same location. For example escorted entry into Nightclubs, Strip Clubs, Shows or Daytime Activities. TRENZ Las Vegas VIP Party Hosts work hard behind the scene to ensure a seamless party experience. A gratuity for your TRENZ VIP Party Host is appreciated.

This Agreement and its performance shall be governed by the laws of the state of Nevada, United States of America, without regard to its conflict of laws provisions. You consent and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Clark County, the state of Nevada, United States of America, in all questions and controversies arising out of your use of this site and this Agreement. To the extent allowed by applicable law, any claim or cause of action arising from or relating to your access or use of this site must be brought within two (2) years from the date on which such claim or action arose or accrued.

All Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the discretion of TRENZ Las Vegas LLC.