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Coming up with new ideas for a Bachelorette party in Vegas can be difficult. You want to outdo your friend’s last bachelorette party, make an impression on the bride-to-be and at the same time try to please all of the other party goers.

How do you do that?


Las Vegas Male Strip Club Deals

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Dos and Donts for the Male Stripper Party Bus
Don’t get burned! Approach with extreme caution. The Do’s and Don’ts of the Male Stripper Party Bus in Vegas are very simple but please take note. This amazing idea when done correctly can be the hit of your Las Vegas Bachelorette party weekend...

Learn more about Stripper 101 Pole Dancing Class
Pole Dancing Classes? Is that what I think it is? Yup! and its a really fun thing to do for any Bachelorette Party coming to Las Vegas. You will laugh hysterically for 75 minutes. Its all in good fun but...


Male Strip Clubs in Las Vegas are perfect for the extreme Bachelorette party


Party planning has been frustrating until now
Welcome to TRENZ Las Vegas. We know what you are going though. Surfing the internet looking at the different shows, nightclubs, pool parties and pole dancing classes. Trying to figure out which transportation choices will fit your budget.

Get all of the information you need in one place
TRENZ has made it really easy! Our website provides information about every Male Show, Male Strip Club, Pole Dancing Class, Nightclub and Pool Party. You can even buy Bachelorette Party Supplies and VIP Nightclub access right here on our site.

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Once you have chosen the best activities for your group it's time to book. We have two great choices, you can purchase a party package online in our party store or call our office and book it on the phone. We also accept individual payments. No need to collect money from your party guests, we will do it for you.

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The team members at TRENZ are professional party planners. They will help you choose the best male show, the best nightclubs, the best pole dancing class and the best limousine transportation. Our party planners will create a strategic itinerary that is customized to your group of girls.


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Tell us about your Party and we will email you fun and exciting Party Packages that include Male Shows, Nightclubs, Limousines, Pole Dancing Class and more!

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Learn more about the Men of Olympic Garden male strip club Las Vegas

This is a really fun afternoon activity for the girls. Get ready to laugh for an hour and a half. The class instructors are amazing. Which pole dancing class is best for your party? We have the fun facts for every pole dancing class in Las Vegas.
Click here and learn more

Learn more about the Men of Sapphire male strip club Las Vegas

Are male dancers a must for your Bachelorette party? A male revue show can be an exciting way to start your evening. There are two awesome male revue shows in Las Vegas that will leave your party guests wanting more. How do you choose?
Click here to learn more

Learn more about the Men of Palomino male strip club Las Vegas

Are you looking for an Extreme Girls Night Out? Do you want to embarrass your Bride to Be? Then a Male Strip Club is where you want to go. It’s high speed in your face action. There are three amazing male strip clubs in Vegas. Each is more extreme than the other. It gets pretty hot! Can you handle the heat? Click here to learn more

Learn more about the Male Stripper Party Bus Las Vegas

Have you heard about the Male Stripper Party Bus? It's the newest sensation in Girls Night Out. Why sit at a male strip club when you can be cruising the Las Vegas strip in a luxury Party Bus complete with on board entertainment and complimentary beverages. It's your own VIP Private Party. Get the exciting details here

Learn more about the Men of Palomino male strip club Las Vegas

Party at the hottest nightclubs in Vegas. Get Free Admission, Open Bar and VIP Bottle Service. No Waiting in Line! Get your Bride to Be the Red Carpet treatment and walk right past that line. Which nightclubs are the best? What type of music do they play? Click here to learn more

Learn more about the Men of Palomino male strip club Las Vegas

Summertime in Las Vegas offers the infamous Pool Party also called the Dayclub due to the fact that it is a Nightclub during the day. Listen to the beats of the hottest DJ’s and be prepared for a celebrity sighting. The Vegas Pool Parties are hosted by celebrities all summer long. What is the most popular pool? Can you get in for free?
Click here to learn more

Learn more about the Men of Palomino male strip club Las Vegas

Trying to piece together your Las Vegas Bachelorette party can be a headache. Let us put it into one pretty little package for you. You will save money, time and the hassle of figuring it all out when you arrive in Las Vegas. Click here for the perfect package

Learn more about the Men of Palomino male strip club Las Vegas

No Male Strippers? No problem! If you would prefer an evening out in Las Vegas that does not include male strippers we have some great options for you. You will enjoy VIP access to Nightclubs, cruise the strip in gorgeous limousines and take in a fun Vegas Show. Click to here to learn more

Learn more about the Men of Palomino male strip club Las Vegas

Would you like to plan the perfect Bachelorette party for your best friend? We understand how important this is. We can help you plan the best event ever.
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