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The Do's and Dont's!

The Las Vegas bachelor party is a really exciting idea for the bachelor as well as the party guests. First of all, it’s Vegas, duh, let’s party! Secondly, there are so many fun choices packed into such a small area that you can do more in a weekend here than you could in your hometown.

What should you avoid?

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Read this article and discover unique girls night out party packages for your Vegas bachelorette party


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Be in the Know before you Go! Read informative articles that will help you make the best decisions for your Bachelor party in Las Vegas.

3 HOT TIPS to find the Best Strip Club in Vegas

Finding the best strip club in Vegas can be as difficult as finding a loose slot machine at your favorite casino. There are so many to choose from and they all appear to be the same from the outside. While inside they all offer beautiful women who swing on poles and dance erotically while wearing practically nothing, a full bar with every imaginable liquor, lap dances, plus private VIP rooms and suites that will elevate the one on one female stripper experience. So how do you choose the Best Strip Club in Vegas? Read this great article

Las Vegas Steakhouse

Where is the Best Steakhouse in Vegas?

Enjoy a BIG JUICY Steak tonight. Where should you go? Where are the best steaks in Las Vegas? There is no shortage of Steakhouses in Vegas, in fact some of the best steaks in the country are served up right here in Sin City! With so many to choose from how do you pick the best one for you and your friends?
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Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages from TRENZ Strip Clubs Nightclubs Limousines Party Buses

Tips & Tricks to planning a Vegas Bachelor Party

Planning a Las Vegas bachelor party can be a daunting task. We’re guys for crying out loud, we do not plan parties, we show up and drink the beer! Help is definitely in order and TRENZ is here to provide that service.

Need some Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas?

We have some great ones! Nightclubs, Strip Clubs, Pool Parties, Bad-Ass Limousines plus daytime activities like Paint Ball, Sky Diving, Race Cars, Dune Buggies, ATV Quads, Fully Automatic Weapons, Zip Lines and High Speed Go Karts Need custom Vegas Bachelor party ideas, give us call..

To Package or Not to Package

That is a good question. Party Packages are definitely the way the go. You only have 24 - 72 Hours in Vegas so piecing it all together from different vendors will cost you more money and waste time that should be spent partying.TRENZ will show you how to assemble a strategic itinerary that will save you money and keep the party rocking all weekend long.

Now lets plan a BAD-ASS Bachelor Party
Browse through the information below and click on the banners to discover more information about activities that might interest you. Once you have a good idea of what should be included in your Bachelor Party Package fill out the "Plan a BAD-ASS Bachelor Party" form and we'll email you a quote that you can share with your friends.

Learn more about our Bachelor Party Package Options


Check out our Vegas Bachelor Party packages. We have put together streamlined packages that are guaranteed to get you the most bang for your buck. They include the hottest Nightclubs and Strip Clubs plus VIP Limousine Transportation. Treat your Bachelor to a Vegas adventure. Click the banner to learn more.

Learn more about Las Vegas Strip Clubs Click Here


Las Vegas has some of the hottest Strip Clubs in the country. Many are huge clubs with massive floor space and multiple stages while others are smaller home town type strip clubs. Open all night long with Hot Girls and plenty of liquor. Which one is best for your party? Click the banner to learn more.

Learn more about Las Vegas Nightclubs Click Here


There are so many awesome Nightclubs in Vegas it's difficult to choose. One thing is for sure, they will all have sexy girls on the dance floor, banging music and liquor pouring all night long. Don't watch the party, Be the Party. Learn more about the Vegas Nightclub experience by clicking the banner.

Learn more about Las Vegas Pool Parties Click Here


Have you been to a Vegas Pool Party? It's not the usual BBQ and Cannon Ball Contest. It's a serious party! Big Name DJ's, Celebrity Guests, VIP Cabanas and Bungalows, Teeny Tiny Bikinis and every Beverage under the sun. Get ready for a rip roaring time! Click the banner to learn more about the Las Vegas Pool Party.

Learn more about Las Vegas Restaurants and Fine Dining Click Here


Hungry in Vegas? No problem. There is no shortage of amazing restaurants in Las Vegas. Steakhouses, Italian, Sushi, Chinese, Seafood and unbelievable Buffet's. We have a few suggestions and we continue to add more. Click the banner for more info.

Learn more about Las Vegas extreme Sky Diving Skydiving Click Here


Do you have the need for an adrenaline rush? Extreme Sky Diving in Las Vegas is a great way to start the day. Go 15,000 feet up and jump out of a perfectly good aircraft. Learn how to add this to your Bachelor Party weekend by clicking the banner.

Learn more about Las Vegas extreme Paint Ball Click Here


Get in the zone! You and your friends can go head to head with real fire power in a battle field scenario with Extreme Paint Ball. A great afternoon of exhilarating combat. Learn more about this inexpensive afternoon activity by clicking the banner.

Learn more about Las Vegas Gun Ranges Shooting Ranges. Fire Automatic Weapons Click Here


Feel the power of military grade Fully Automatic Weapons. Las Vegas has several Gun Ranges to choose from. Indoor and Outdoor. Choose from a large variety of high powered weapons. Which Gun Range is best for your group? Click the banner for more information.

Learn more about Las Vegas Exotic Car Racing Click Here


Do you have the need for speed? Get behind the wheel of these high powered machines and put the pedal to the metal at the Las Vegas Speedway. Choose a Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Mclaren, Corvette Z-51 or an actual Stock Car. Learn more by clicking the banner.

Learn more about Las Vegas Zip Lines Click Here


Hold on tight and get ready to cruise down the side of a mountain at up to 65 MPH. Extreme Zip Lines is a great afternoon activity for guys that like the outdoors. Learn more by clicking the banner.

Learn more about Las Vegas Dune Buggies Racing and ATV Rental Click Here


Time to get down and dirty! Dune Buggies and ATV's offer the extreme daytime activity in Las Vegas. Choose from a Mini Baja Chase or a full on Off Road adventure. You will head out to the Valley of Fire or Amargosa which means BIG DUNES. The Amargosa are the tallest Dunes in North America. Click the banner to learn more.

Learn more about Las Vegas Go Kart Racing Click Here


They are small but mighty. Race your friends lap after lap at speeds up to 55 MPH. Another fun and inexpensive activity for the guys that just want to get out and play. Choose from electric or gas powered and indoor or outdoor tracks. Click the banner and learn more.

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