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As for a rating we give you 10+++
and I wouldn’t have asked for you to do anything better. You and Karen have it down to a tee! You both always offered to help and always had something planned for us.

We enjoyed every bit of it from the limo rides, to the Men of Sapphire, to the open bars at the pool parties! We ended up at Bare AND at the Palms for the pool parties.

Thanks again!
Cheryl A.
Los Angeles, CA

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3 HOT TIPS to find the Best Strip Club in Vegas


Finding the best strip club in Vegas can be as difficult as finding a loose slot machine at your favorite casino. There are so many to choose from and they all appear to be the same from the outside. While inside they all offer beautiful women who swing on poles and dance erotically while wearing practically nothing, a full bar with every imaginable liquor, lap dances, plus private VIP rooms and suites that will elevate the one on one female stripper experience. So how do you choose the Best Strip Club in Vegas?

Las Vegas Steakhouse

Where is the Best Steakhouse in Vegas?

Enjoy a BIG JUICY Steak tonight. Where should you go? Where are the best steaks in Las Vegas? There is no shortage of Steakhouses in Vegas, in fact some of the best steaks in the country are served up right here in Sin City! With so many to choose from how do you pick the best one for you and your friends?

Bad Ass Vegas Bachelor Party

Your Vegas Bachelor Party will be High Speed, Action Packed and Guaranteed to give you a Buzz! Treat your Bachelor to the party of a lifetime!

Hotel + Nightclub + Gentlemens Club + Steakhouse + Bad-Ass Limos...and that's not all

Ferrari Race Track

You can Race Ferrari's, Shoot Automatic Weapons from a Helicopter, Skydive, Race ATV's in the Vegas Desert and so much more!

Don't settle for less. Plan a BAD-ASS Bachelor Party!

          Q. Do I have to pay for my Party Package in full at the time of Reservation?
          A. No. We have several payment options that will make the process of booking your party package very simple. You can of course pay in full with one credit card, or you can have your party guests call in with their credit cards, or you can shop online at the TRENZ Las Vegas store. Call TRENZ Las Vegas to find out which payment option is best suited for you.

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          Q. Are all of your Party Package available for Sale in your online store?
          A. No. Many of the packages that we assemble are custom party packages that are specifically designed for each customer. However we do offer our most popular packages in our online store. These packages have no guest minimums and your party guests can go online 24/7 and purchase their package. It's been a really helpful service for our customers. If you have questions about purchasing in our online store please call TRENZ Las Vegas and a customer service representative will assist you.

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          Q. Which Credit Cards do you accept?
          A. VISA, Master Card, Discover, and Diners Club

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          Q. Can you explain "HOUSE LIMOUSINE" service?
          A. *HOUSE Limousine Service: TRENZ Las Vegas will utilize "House Limousine Service" at select Male Strip Clubs to SAVE our customers money. "House Limousine Service" does NOT guarantee a specific type of vehicle. The type of Vehicle varies based on Party Size and Availability. "House Limousine Service" will pick up TRENZ Las Vegas customers at all major Las Vegas Hotels on the Las Vegas strip. "House Limousine Service" is NOT available at other locations. Upon pick up at major Las Vegas Hotels, the customer must be in the Hotel / Casino lobby ready and waiting for the driver"Ts arrival. "House Limousine Service" drivers will wait 10 minutes ONLY. If the customer is NOT ready the driver will depart. If you would like to decline "House Limousine Service", TRENZ Las Vegas is more than willing to accommodate your request. When declining "House Limousine Service", private hire "VIP Limousine Service" charges will apply to your over all party package price. Ask your TRENZ representative for assistance in making this adjustment. Gratuity for House Limousine Drivers is NOT included in your party package price. Please, as a courtesy, tip your House Limousine Drivers. They work solely on tips so anything that you give them is greatly appreciated.

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          Q. Can you explain "VIP LIMOUSINE" service?
          A. *VIP Limousine Service: TRENZ Las Vegas incorporates private hire limousine service in many of its Party Packages. Private hire limousine service is described as "VIP Limousine Service" in this Quote. The vehicle type will be guaranteed, if for any reason that particular vehicle is not available your party will receive a vehicle upgrade at no extra charge. Your Quote will consist of the most economical vehicle for your party, if you would like to upgrade your vehicle type please ask your TRENZ representative for assistance and pricing. All "VIP Limousine Service" pricing includes Tax and Gratuity for the Driver.

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          Q. If I decide to upgrade to VIP Limousine Service, What are my vehicle choices?
          A. We can get you any vehicle available in Las Vegas, but we most often use the 10 Passenger Stretch Limousines, 14 Passenger Navigator Limousine, Hummer Limousines, F-650 and Super Stretch SUV, plus a 30 Passenger Luxury Party Bus and Pink Hummer Limousine. Ask your TRENZ representative for details and pricing.

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          Q. Can you explain "Nightclub Guest List" and "FREE Admission Passes?
          A. The statement below is not meant to scare you but to be honest with you. 99.9% of the time all TRENZ Las Vegas customers enter these nightclubs with no problems whatsoever and have a really great time. The key is to be respectful to the gentlemen at the front of the club, be on time, and dress to impress. It's that easy.

          *Nightclub Guest List and Free Admission Passes can be very helpful and both are a complimentary service offered to the customers of Trenz Las Vegas. Party Package pricing does not include a monetary charge for this service. Nightclub Guest List and Free Admission Passes are 100% Complimentary. Nightclub Guest List and Free Admission Passes include Free Admission only. Nightclub Guest List and Free Admission Passes do not include VIP entry with no waiting in line. Nightclub Guest List and Free Admission Passes are subject to availability and are not available for Holiday and Special Event party dates. The availability of Nightclub Guest Lists and Free Admission Passes are subject to change without notice. Restrictions do apply; i.e. dress code, behavior, intoxication, etc plus time restrictions. (See table below) All Las Vegas Nightclubs reserve the right to refuse service. Ultimately entry into select Las Vegas Nightclubs is at the discretion of the Nightclub. Trenz Las Vegas is not responsible for the actions of the Nightclubs, Nightclub Employees, and/or Nightclub staff. Being rejected for entry into select Las Vegas Nightclubs is not reason for party package refund in full or in part. Trenz Las Vegas does not guarantee entry into select nightclubs. Trenz Las Vegas guarantees inclusion in select Las Vegas Nightclub Guest Lists ONLY.

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          Q. What time do we have to arrive at select Las Vegas Nightclubs to qualify for the Guest List?
          A. For the best results please arrive 1 Hour before the cut off times listed below.

          TAO at the Venetian [Arrive before 11pm]
          HAKKASAN at MGM [Arrive before 11pm]
          LIGHT at Mandalay Bay [Arrive before 12am]
          INTRIGUE at Wynn [Arrive before 12am]
          SURRENDER at Encore [Arrive before 12am]
          OMNIA at Caesars Palace [Arrive before 10pm]
          LAX at Luxor [Arrive before 12am]
          MARQUEE at The Cosmopolitan [Arrive before 11pm]
          JEWEL at The Palms [Arrive before 12am]
          GHOST Bar at The Palms [Arrive before 1am]
          The BANK at Bellagio [Arrive before 12am]
          1OAK at Mirage [Arrive before 12am]

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          Q. How can I guarantee that my party will NOT wait in line at Las Vegas Nightclubs?
          A. If you would like to Guarantee VIP Entry with NO Waiting in line at select Las Vegas Nightclubs we recommend the purchase of VIP Nightclub Entry or VIP Bottle Service. We would be happy to make the arrangements for you. Ask your Trenz representative for assistance.

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          Q. How do I get on the Guest List for Pool Parties?
          A. Pool Parties are great fun while in Las Vegas and TRENZ can help! All TRENZ customers will be included on at least 1 pool party guest list while they are in Vegas, many times we send our parties to more than 1 but it truly depends on the weekend that you visit. Most pool parties will want you to arrive by 12 Noon, and we advise the same. The reason? The earlier you get there, the more you get. Free Drinks, VIP Seating, Lounge Chair Seating, Free Admission, etc. So crawl out of bed and go lounge by the're in Vegas crying out loud. If you have any questions please call the TRENZ office.

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          Q. If I book my party on a Holiday or Special Event Weekend will the pricing in this quote change?
          A. Yes it can. Booking your party on a Holiday or Special Event weekend can cause some party package pricing to change. Most Male Strip Show and Male Strip Club pricing will remain unchanged, as will Activities and Limousine Service. It"Ts the Nightclubs that tend to raise their prices on these particular weekends.Party Package pricing in this quote is based on a NON Holiday and NON Special Event party date. Party Package pricing, Show availability, and Nightclub availability can change based on the actual date of your reservation. All prices in this quote are subject to change without notice. Party Package pricing will be locked in once you have made your reservation.Nightclub Guest Lists are NOT available on Holiday or Special Event weekends. VIP Bottle Service pricing can change based on the date you choose to have your party. Holidays and Special Events can affect the pricing of VIP Bottle Service. Exact pricing will be locked in once a date has been chosen. VIP Bottle Service pricing in all Trenz Las Vegas quotes are based on a non prime time / non special event party date.

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          Q. Have a different Question?
          A. Please call our office at 702.472.7050

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